Dr. Magali Peyrefitte
Email: peyrefittemagali@gmail.comIMG_0287

I am currently lecturing in social science and in politics at Middlesex University. My doctoral research was concerned with British Asian suburbanisation in the city of Nottingham. I was particularly interested in British Asian narratives of suburbanisation as social and geographical mobility at the intersection of ethnicity and class. In engaging with these questions, my approach considered the diasporic as well as the domestic. In this, I also looked at the materiality of British Asian suburban home-making.
I have a sustained interest in looking at the suburbs and in this website I expand my interest on a worldwide scale.
Concomitantly, I am conducting a small-scale research of a street and its inhabitants in the suburban town of Blagnac on the periphery of Toulouse in the South West of France.


Note:  The views expressed on this website are those of the author, and not the position of Middlesex University.